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Psalms 91.

In Honor of Veteran’s Day. 11/11/2015

I refer to Psalms as my spiritual toolbox. Yes, many look at me like I am crazy and that is their choice. I do this because David has outlined what we will go through in life. Did he know all of this? No, he didn’t. He lived it and whatever we go through, he has already done it.

No, that doesn’t mean we can read Psalms and avoid all of life’s troubles. It does mean however that we can refer to David’s work as a reference point.

Psalms 1:1

Blessed is the man who does NOT walk in the council of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners, or sit in the seat of mockers.

What a start! Oh, why did I start with saying Psalms 91? That was done because as Military Men, we need as much protection as we can get. Psalms 91 provides that for us. Just because we are Military? No, we must ask. Psalms 91 tells us what kind of protection we will get. What God will do to protect us and how he will do accomplish this. I read Psalms 91 a LOT!

God does protect us and has all of our lives. Are we where he wants us to be? Maybe not, and if not, he gave us time to get our house in order. Maybe we should do just that.

Some of our Ranks have asked for prayer. No, I don’t need to know what you are in prayer about, though I am willing to sit with you over a coffee and I am a good listener. I don’t have answers. I can only show you how to get them.

So, we go on to Psalms 150. Praise is what we give in return. Everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Makes no difference our background. We are Brothers and we care.

Take care and God Bless

Gary West

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