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Written by Johnathan Portis

New Contact Numbers - 


We have been experiencing on-going issues with our previous and current landline provider.  Hopefully, the issues with the current provider have been resolved.  A new cellphone was purchased and two lines added.  This cellphone remains in the office and is only answered during business hours.  We don't not answer texts.  The most reliable means of contact remains the email address at the bottom of this page.


     Landline:     045-321-0790

     Smart:       0921-647-0470

     Globe:       0927-802-1077



A Reminder -


When you move or change your phone number it is very important to keep the VA informed of these changes.  Not doing so could have adverse effects on your compensation.  When you submit a change of address or contact number, please insure that both the OPC and the Regional Office are advised.  Contacting one does not mean they will both be notified.




Fully Developed Claims - 


The VA is encouraging Veterans to submit their claims using the Fully Developed Claim process to insure faster turn around on claims.  All claims for compensation may be submitted as a fully developed claim.  Form used for these claims are indicated by the form number followed by "ez".  The VA has also advised that they recommend the use of a service officer when submitting a Fully Developed Claim.


More information can be obtained HERE.



New Procedures for Individual Unemployability - 

The DVA has released FAST Letter 13 - 13, which explains the new procedures for processing claims for Individual Unemployability.  The major change is the requirement to identify at least one service connected disability that impacts on the Vet's ability to seek and maintain substantially gainful employment (work).  You are not limited to one disability and ONLY those listed disabilities will be examined in connection with determining IU.  If you fail to list a disability the DVA may send you a request asking for more information, thus slowing down the claim.

A request for IU may be submitted as a Fully Developed Claim by completing VA Form 21-526ez and Form 21-8940, then submitting both forms.

More information can be found HERE.


The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and VA Care - 

The ACA does not impact your VA treatment or any costs.  This is explained in detail at the VA website HERE.


Success Story - 

A Vet came in to apply for a Non-service-connected Pension (Improved Pension) in early September.  We filed a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) for a pension.  Within three weeks and just before the Vet's 65th birthday the pension was approved effective on his birthday.  An FDC from start to finish in 3 weeks and a favorable grant.  I am sure it was a nice birthday for the Vet.


REMINDER:  The Embassy and US offices are closed on US and Filipino holidays.


Please send any questions or suggestions to the email address below:


Yours in Comradeship,


Jonathan Portis


Every day is Veterans Day in our office.