Subject: Mr. VETERAN, VA Clinic Manila don't do priority grouping and copays for care or services. 

Here is a brief information of what we do here in VA Manila.
The eligibility requirements for medical services are different for Veterans outside the United States than for Veterans within the United States. The VA Manila Outpatient Clinic provides medical services for U.S. Veterans only for a VA rated service connected condition (38 CFR 17.35).

No matter what percentage the Veteran is, it has to be related to what he/she is Service Connected for. So for example if he/she is 100% Service Connected for PTSD and has diabetes that he/she is NOT Service Connected for, we cannot treat his/her diabetes.

All costs associated with treatment for a non-service connected condition incurred from outside the VA Outpatient Clinic is the responsibility of the Veteran since the clinic does not treat non-service connected conditions.

The VA Manila Outpatient Clinic does not have an emergency room or trauma center. For emergent medical care, Veterans should proceed to the nearest hospital.

When treatment for a service connected condition is not available in the clinic, the VA Physician may refer an eligible Veteran to a non-VA provider for treatment. The LOA (letter of authorization) document details the reason for a consult, authorizes treatment and serves as a guarantee that treatment indicated on the form will be paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

a. The VA Manila Outpatient Clinic does not have an emergency room or trauma center. If a Veteran experiences a medical emergency, they should proceed immediately to the medical facility nearest them. An emergency is defined as treatment for a condition of such a nature that a prudent layperson would have reasonably expected that delay in seeking immediate medical attention would have been hazardous to life or health.
b. A medical report from the treating facility must be faxed to the VA Patient Support Services within 72 hours. Failure to provide a medical report within 72 hours of service will result in denial of payment for hospitalization. The fax number is 02-310-5957.
c. A copy of the medical report will be routed to the patient%u2019s physician to determine if the medical emergency is related to an awarded service-connected disability. If approved, a Letter of Authorization will be issued within 48 hours. Otherwise the cost of medical care is at the Veteran%u2019s expense.
d. A claim for reimbursements for the cost of medical care incurred for unauthorized emergent medical services may be submitted to OPC within 2 years from the date the service was acquired. The claim will be subject to VA regulations and guidelines on medical care reimbursement.
e. Charges incurred for medical conditions that are not service connected will be the responsibility of the Veteran to pay.
If admission is authorized by the VA, patients are admitted to a semi private room. Patients who choose to upgrade their room are responsible for paying the difference in room, board and other additional charges upon discharge.
Treatment for non-service connected medical care is at the expense of the Veteran and must be paid prior to discharge.

All treatment must be pre-approved. In the event a Veteran requires emergent or life threatening treatment for their service connected condition, the Veteran should proceed to the nearest hospital. The Veteran is required to notify the clinic within 72 hours. If the Veteran is being treated at a VA approved facility, the clinic will coordinate payment.
In the event a Veteran is treated at a non-preferred VA facility, the Veteran will be required to pay their bill before discharge. All claims must be accompanied by the provider%u2019s itemized statement, which must include the following basic information:
Diagnosis treated (provided by physician) for each separate date of service.
Narrative description of each service (procedure/treatment provided by the physician) for each separate date of service.
Each service%u2019s billed charge
Date(s) of service.

When a Veteran sought and paid for medical treatment, for their service connected condition from a non-preferred VA facility, the Veteran can file a claim for reimbursement no later than two years from the date of service or, in the case of inpatient care, two years of the discharge date.

Claims for reimbursement must include original medical documentation or a certified true copy issued by the treating facility/physician, a completed VA Form 583 and proof of payment, i.e., cash register receipts, sales receipts, or credit card receipts.
Reimbursements are made by Electronic Funds Transfer and are issued in US currency. Payment is based on the exchange rate applicable to the date of service, or in the case of hospitalization, the discharge date.

I have attached a fact sheet    that describes the available services as well as the eligibility requirements.

FYI. Thank you.