Ladies and Gentlemen,


Please be advised that the Online Membership System (OMS) will be shutting down

at 3:00pm Central Standard Time on Saturday, December 31st.  Any transactions

that are submitted through OMS on December 31st up to the closing time will be

posted to Memstats and Post Query later that evening and available for viewing

the morning of January 1, 2016.


REMINDER!  Mail received at the National HQ prior to December 30th will be

processed and counted in the December total.  Mail received after that date,

regardless of the postmark date, will not be counted in the December total.  We

suggest you have your posts mail in their membership as early as possible.


The cutoff for FAXing membership information is the end of business on

Wednesday, December 29th.  We cannot guarantee that FAX sheets received after

that will be processed.


The OMS system will be back online for the submittal of transactions on Monday,

January 2nd however, membership transactions that are processed will not be

posted to Memstats until January 5th.


Should you have any questions, please contact either myself or the membership

department and we will be happy to assist you.


Bernard (Barney) Hill

Director of Operations

Veterans of Foreign Wars

406 W. 34th Street

Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone (816) 968-2794 ~ Mobile (816) 400-5925