Department of Pacific Areas

“Pot of Gold”  

Recruiting Drive

With a bit of Irish Luck !


Beginning 1 July 2016 through 30 November in addition to the regular Pacific Areas Recruiting Program. In keeping with the CinC Brian Duffy "Clearing the Way" theme. Our Recruiters will clear the way, making it rewarding to sign up recruits in the Pacific Area !



For every 5 recruits recruited, that's Annual Members, Reinstated Members or New Life Members or Reinstated Life Members the recruiter will receive one chit each in the drawing at the December CofA in Angeles City for the

"Pot of Gold"


In the "Pot of Gold" there will be $1.00 for every New Annual or Life Member recruited in the Department this VFW year

as of 30 November 2016


Note: Winner does not need to be present at the CofA to win.

Please Contact me with any possible New Or Renewing Members:


    Larry Lyons                                                                                                      Robert Moses

    Certified National Recruiter                                                                            Commander Dept. of Pacific