Dear Comrades,

The VFW is walking the walk for America’s veterans!

Please watch the full video of the VFW National Commander testifying before Congress — fighting for the rights and benefits of every brave man and woman like you who has served this great nation.

To put it bluntly, we demand Congress:

  • Fully address the mental health crisis affecting veterans in this country;
  • Go beyond thanking you for your service by ending sequestration, which degrades the quality of life of service members, veterans and their families;
  • Ensure the VA is able to quickly hire doctors to ensure veterans have timely access to the care they have earned.

You can bet we’re working around the clock to keep watch on Congress and make sure the job gets done.

Please watch the full video of the 2017 VFW Congressional Testimony. Then sign the VFW "Veterans First" Petition today. If you can also share it with your family and friends, it will be much appreciated.



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